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Pianist - Keyboard player - Accordionist

Composer - Arranger - Musical director

I'm the pianist and accompanist of Willeke Alberti, Jenny Arean, Robert Long and Liesbeth List, but also Frisian artists such as Gerrit Breteler, Janneke Warringa and Inez Timmer. Moreover, I compose and arrange songs, soundtracks, backing tracks for artists and theatre performances, and arrangements for orchestras. 

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UBUNTU, lieten fan ferbining - JANNEKE WARRINGA

March 31, 2023

After the successful theater program Ferlet, Janneke Warringa and I are currently working on our new program UBUNTU. This program will be shown throughout Friesland in the coming theater season '23-'24.

Janneke Warringa sings and talks about connection and dialogue; about tolerance and respect. This is based on the realization that we live in a turbulent time in which people seem to be increasingly opposed to each other. Ubuntu - a South African life motto - roughly translated means: 'I am, because we are'. In other words: we need each other in our existence. The performance will consist of songs (originating from Dutch and international oeuvre) that are closely related to the theme of Ubuntu and that have been specially translated into Frisian for this project.

Ubuntu flyer voorkant.jpg


This spring I performed the performance Levenslong with the inspired theater makers Gerald Drent and Martijn Mulders, together Ludique. The performance consists of the repertoire of Robert Long, with whom I also worked at the time. Ludique makes it a wonderful and personal experience with its own signature.
The tour is now finished for now; we managed to surprise and move many people with mainly sold-out venues. We will be revisiting this program in the spring of 2024. This fall we will also be playing Levenslong in Germany and Austria, entirely in the German language.

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