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An important part of my profession is being a performing musician. Usually, you will encounter me in the role of a pianist, but also as a keyboard player or an accordionist. In those roles, I’ve accompanied multiple artists, both on my own as in different formations.


With a pop/folk background and a classical piano education, I’m not set to one particular music style. I will always try to find the essence of a piece of music, whatever the style may be. The way that I play is also being influenced by the fact that I’m an arranger and composer.


Pauw & Witteman - Jenny Arean - Beloof het me
Robert Long   Oerwoud
Laat me niet alleen - Liesbeth List
Telkens weer - Willeke Alberti
The green fields of France - Gerrit Breteler
Tiid yn in fleske - Inez Timmer
De dag dat ik Robert Long ontmoette - Theatershow PROMO / TRAILER
Rients Gratama - Geraniums of Gladioalen
Als de nacht valt - Nathalie Baartman
Autowaskerijblues - Piter Wilkens

Jenny Arean - Promise me

Robert Long - Jungle

Liesbeth List - Don't leave me alone

Willeke Alberti - Again and again

Gerrit Breteler - Green fields of France

Inez Timmer - Tiid yn in bottle

The day I met Robert Long

Rients Gratama - Geraniums or Gladioals

Nathalie Baartman - When the night falls

Piter Wilkens - Car wash blues

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