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As a composer I write songs, jingles, leaders, underscores and other music. I compose for artists, TV shows, (company) projects and CD or DVD productions. Also, I arrange my work and record it in my studio. 


As an arranger I determine the sound, groove, harmony and instrumentation of a piece of music. An important role, that often is being underestimated, and sometimes might be even more important than the composition itself. As wished, I deliver arrangements on sheet paper or as a complete audio file.



De Alvestêdetocht - tv leader
Symphony of Brotherhood - Interview
ANWB jubileum 125 jaar
Frjemde kusten - Nynke Laverman
Grutte grize fugel - Frederika Kleefstra
Lan fan Efke - tv leader

The Alvestêde Tour - TV lreader

Symphony of Brotherhood - Martin Luther King

ANWB 125 years

Frjemde Kusten - Nynke Laverman

Grutte Grize Fûgel - Frederika Kleefstra

It Lân fan Efke - TV leader


Cohen in het Fries
Munich 74 - Rogier van Otterloo
Cirque d'Hiver Roermond
Sjong dan - Janneke Warringa
Bonifatius the musical
Jorritsma Bouw - jubileumshow
It Slotkoraal - Gerrit Breteler

Cohen in Frisian

Munich 74 - Rogier van Otterloo

Cirque d'Hiver Roermond

Sjong Dan - Janneke Warringa

Boniface the Musical

Jorritsma Construction

It Slot Coral - Gerrit Breteler